Working & training with Tara has sparked Dominique’s love for the arts, leading her back on her dance journey!

Dominique DelCollo

Dominique DelCollo started dancing at the age of 5 in Milford, CT at the Lee Lund Studio of Dance. At age 8 she started dancing under the talented hands of Dennie Kirkpatrick, where she learned to dance and entertain through numerous theatrical pieces. It was Dennie’s influence who made her start choreographing for her school plays/musicals around the age of 10. Over the years at Lee Lund, she was trained by Debi Passerelli who opened her up to contemporary/lyrical dance. She has been lucky enough to have danced under the influence of many great artists including Jaime Rogers, Tina Kershaw (Horton), Katherine Hooper from Bosoma Dance Company in Boston, Ani Javian from Mason Gross School of Arts.

Working and training with Tara has ignited Dominique’s love for improvisational dance, contemporary dance, & performing, which has led her back to her dance journey.

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