Meet the Artist

Tara McCrystal,
Artistic Director

Tara is interested in structured improvisation and contact improvisation for performance, energy movement exploration and connecting with our hearts and each other. For her, dance improvisation is a channel for the soul to speak.

Meet Tara McCrystal,

Artistic Director of REBiRTH

Tara recently relocated back home to Milford, CT after living and creating in Boston, MA for 20 years. This coming home has been part of a rebirth for her, which inspired the first project, REBiRTH.

Tara co-directed SPUNKandCOmpany Contemporary Dance in Boston, MA alongside Jillian Grunnah. The collaborative company created original works that often magnified social issues & human relationships (Boston Center for the Arts Dance Residency and Artist in Residence at Green Street Studios). Tara led the Modern Dance training for the pre-professional ballet program at Integrarte with Erica Cornejo & Carlos Molina. She taught and created work at colleges and schools in the Boston area.

Tara has danced for BoSoma Dance Co., Contrapose Dance Co., LCTC-Lorraine Chapman the Company and with Collage Dance Ensemble. She has studied with Marcus Schulkind, Olivier Besson, Tommy Nebblet, Yasuko Tokunaga, Emiko Tokunaga, Jennifer Scanlon, Leslie Woodies and Donna Silva. She has performed works by David Parker, Gianni Di Marco, Adrienne Hawkins, Heidi Rood, Jennifer Hardy, Martha Graham, Jose Limon & many other wonderful choreographers throughout her performance career.

Tara studied Dance Performance at the Boston Conservatory (BFA 2005), early dance and theater training at Lee Lund Studio in Milford, CT, and was a high level gymnast.

Tara’s dance work eventually led her to explore physical therapy (DPT 2010, MGH Institute of Health Professions), and she specializes in dance & performing arts medicine (Boston Ballet, Berklee College and the Boston Conservatory- Artist Rehabilitation Therapy Services). She had potentially career-ending injuries & has been awestruck by the body’s ability to heal and flourish.

Tara believes in collaborative arts processes to expand our consciousness with the unlimited capacity to build community, heal humanity and transform our souls. She connects with the freedom that lies inside us all and the curiosity that keeps us questioning infinite choice to evolve and together create lives we love. Tara is a reiki energy healer and is working on her Masters Level Reiki training. She’s also currently exploring channeling reiki energy through dance movement and the healing impact it can have on the collective energies.

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